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Kurt Kasdorf

Kurt Kasdorf is a full-time real estate investor and property manager. In 2012 he founded Kasdorf Property Management LLC to manage his growing portfolio. Today his company serves over 20 different owner-clients, with 350 units under management. His primary territory is southeastern Wisconsin but is also expanding throughout the state. He is passionate about growing as an investor, adding value to his owner clients, and striving to give his tenants a positive rental experience.

Kurt’s next goal is to launch a syndication company, targeting the large apartment market, working with investors to experience the wonders of real estate. He also dreams about writing a book on Landlording.

Kurt received an MBA from the UW-Milwaukee Lubar School of Business in 2015, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. He lives in Port Washington, WI, and enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, architecture, scuba diving, reading, traveling to warm places, and spending time with his dog, cat, and sons.

Rental Property Association of Wisconsin, Inc. (Formerly AASEW)
P.O. Box 4125
Milwaukee, WI 53204-7905
Phone: 414-276-7378

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